Delite Mandarins are a great tasting, seedless, easy-to-peel mandarin grown in Australia and available from August to November each year.

The Delite Story

Delite mandarins are a naturally occurring product with absolutely no genetic modification. The seedless quality of the fruit is due to where it is grown. Delite mandarins are isolated from pollen sources, and it's pollen that causes the development of seeds in mandarins of this variety.

To ensure the mandarin's promise of seedless is continually met, Delite growers will test many pieces of fruit to ensure the industry definition of 'seedless' is upheld. Industry dictates that there should be no more than 1 seed per fruit in a sample of 20 pieces, and no one fruit with more than 3 seeds.

You can trust that Australian Delite mandarins are seedless, vibrant and delicious to the last little bite…

Growing Regions

The south eastern parts of Australia are the ideal places to grow Delite. This region, a popular area for citrus producers in Australia, boasts the perfect combination of the right weather conditions, soil and moisture.

Our Promise

Mandarins bearing the Delite name are assessed against strict criteria that must be met by our growers and packers to ensure consistently fantastic fruit time and time again.

Growers Profile

  • Dean Morris

    Dean Morris

    Dean is an accomplished and passionate citrus grower and is one of the Australian pioneers of Delite mandarins. Dean's family farm is located in Leeton New South Wales, one of Australia's prime citrus growing regions where the weather, soil and moisture combine to produce seedless, vibrant and delicious Delite.

    In his first year, Dean will contribute to the production Australian Delite mandarins which he proudly supplies to Woolworths

    Dean recommends choosing fruit that is firm with a deep burnt orange skin colour and says the best way to enjoy a Delite is to eat it fresh; the way nature intended.