Delite Mandarins are seedless, sweet and easy-to-peel making them the perfect snack for lunch boxes
Delite mandarins are proudly Australian grown in Mildura (VIC), Leeton (NSW) and just north of Perth (WA). These regions have the perfect combination of weather conditions, soil and moisture.
Delite mandarins are naturally seedless with absolutely no genetic modification. The seedless quality of the fruit is due to where it is grown. Delite mandarins are isolated from pollen sources, and it's the pollen that causes the development of seeds in mandarins of this variety.

To ensure our promise of seedless is continually met, Delite Mandarin growers continue to monitor fruit to ensure the industry definition of ‘seedless’ is upheld. The Australian produce industry dictates that there should be no more than 1 seed per fruit in a sample of 20 pieces, and no one fruit with more than 3 seeds.

You can trust that Australian Delite Mandarins are seedless, vibrant and delicious to the last little bite…

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